Well it’s after 1pm, the boys are enjoying quiet time and I’m exhausted. I’ve hit “The Wall” as runners call it. I think you all know what I mean. You are staring down the barrel of the weekend, you missed breakfast because errands took priority *mainly the errand to get food in the house since the kids devoured the last breakfast bars already*.

That is where I am…anxiously waiting *while savoring every second of quiet time bliss* for the door to open and The Spouse to declare he is home for the next four days. Although this could go either way *making more work than actual relaxation for me* but…at the very least I won’t be required to move from the bed until at least 830am *9am if I‘m really lucky*.

I don’t like hitting “The Wall” though. In fact it makes me feel weak and defeated. Especially when I know I could have easily turned off The Nanny marathon that kept me up until 1am *sometimes 2am*, I’ve seen it before, I know how it ends. Even if Mr. Sheffield *done in my best *or worse as the case may be* Fran voice* is oh so dreamy and far more appealing than my pillow, I must give into the pillow…not the sexy British accent. I will admit this is hard…oh so hard. So what does one do to avoid that feeling they always mention in those 5hour energy drink commercials?

Well about a month or so ago I talked about my epiphany…and unfortunately it went out the window the moment my cable box *and the sexy Brit* came in the bedroom door…so I have come up with a new plan. One I have no choice but to except, because if I watch one more Nanny marathon all the way through I am finished! My boys will be stuck teaching themselves while mommy enjoys sleeping until noon, and after their bowel movement song in the frozen food section of the grocery store today… I think it is best they have some adult supervision while learning.

So here is my new game plan:

1. Fix my alarm clock so I can actually wake up early enough to get breakfast on the table at a decent time…so I don’t have to hope that what The Spouse choose to feed them before he walked out the door that morning wasn’t covered in either sprinkles, chocolate chips/chocolate syrup, or movie style butter.

2. Mark designated computer times for myself with actual sites I need to hit *and want to hit* and allotted a certain amount of time for each one. This should *hopefully* allow me to get the most out of my computer usage while not having to be on it right before bed…because an hour before bed often turns into three…especially if I find something really awesome to read online.

3. Set the sleep timer on my bedroom TV. Yes this may mean not getting to see something I really want to see, but it will also mean I actually get sleep *which is the most important thing, since it ensures I’m at least half-way functioning throughout the day*.

4. Handle small chores throughout the day so they don’t become massive pains in the rear end at night. I know I’ve done it more times than I can count…I’ve made/served breakfast or lunch…gazed over at the sink and then responded “I wonder if *insert friend’s name* put up *insert something random that I would find of interest*?”.

At which point the dishes shed a tear because they are once again neglected, and I go give some face time to that darn Facebook. Whereas, if I just suck it up and take it like a big girl I could enjoy my evenings instead of having to spend them improving the self-esteem of my kitchen.

5. *This is a big one*. Actually eat something that has some nutritional value. Really am I the only one who has this problem? I will give the kids something and never does it enter my mind that maybe I should make a plate for myself too. Instead I go on to the next thing on my list of things to do. Then quiet time hits and my stomach loudly protest the neglect I have put it through. At which point I go and grab the nearest and quickest thing, or I act like it’s Child #2 throwing a fit and ignore it.

Neither of which is good for me…but that last bite of cookie dough ice cream sure is yummy. Until I realize that in the process of getting to the last bite I just ate a whole pint…a yummy pint yes…but not so yummy on the midsection.

So that is my new game plan.
It’s just five small little things…that *hopefully* I can actually follow through on. I’ll keep telling myself that I can ,while I march upstairs and try to rationalize why I need to set the timer for an hour later than I know I should be up.

The Golden Girls comes on tonight though… maybe I could just hire a maid, stock up on 5hour energy drinks, and low-fat ice cream instead…

The latter sounds way more appealing then a bedtime...

Copyright(c) 2010 Rayven Holmes


  1. We don't have a cable box in the bedroom so I'm safe there...99% of what's on cable doesn't interest me anyway. LOL My big one is the computer or reading. I had one of those lamp timers upstairs for when I was in the States - I had to hook it up as my timer for when I'm in bed reading. Sometimes it scares the daylights out of me when it shuts off, but the bulk of the time I just sigh and go to bed. Sometimes I'll dig out my little booklight for the Kindle but I've hidden *that* from myself too so I am less likely to do it. LOL

  1. I hope your plans work!

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