I mentioned previously that we are learning about ancient Egypt in history. In order to keep with my full immersion in the time period idea, we *more like I* made traditional Egyptian kilts for the boys to wear. They will wear these *as well as some Egyptian style jewelry* on our Egyptian day, but I thought today would be a great day to make them and discuss traditional Egyptian clothing.

Now traditionally Child #1 and Child #2 wouldn’t wear clothing, since Egyptian children didn’t wear clothing. Of course while they might enjoy this, I prefer they actually wear something instead of running around with their manhood hanging out.

So to start the Egyptian kilts we pulled out some old sheer curtains that are no longer useful, due to our move and the windows being much larger than the ones at our previous house. Child #2 ran around with one on his head while saying he was a ghost, meanwhile Child #1 gathered the rest of our supplies *tape measurer, scissors, and a pencil*.

After getting all the supplies in order we had to cut the large piece of fabric down to 36x18.

Then we had to cut off 6 inches from one side to use as an apron after the kilt was finished. Afterwards, I warped the fabric around Child #1 to ensure that there wasn’t too much extra fabric. Once we did the test fit, I pulled it off and finished up the kilt.

I measured 6 inches in on both sides, then I cut up the sides in a curve shape *not that great of a curve…but it’s close enough*.

Then I warped it around Child #1 using large paper clips to fasten it instead of safety pins. First I pinned the under portion to his shorts, then I warped it around *tucking the fringe into his shorts*, next I slid a paperclip onto the side. Child #1 said he couldn’t feel them at all which was great, and of course I didn’t have to worry about accidentally poking him like I would with a safety pin. Finally I tucked the apron in, instead of pinning it I just tucked it into his shorts. I had to fold the apron in half due to its’ size. Folding it turned out for the best, since it added an extra layer, which gave more cover in the front.

The Spouse was home today and thought the kilt was very cool. It's always nice when he gets to see the hardwork we put in first hand.

*Directions came from the Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt workbook.*

Copyright(c) 2010 Rayven Holmes


  1. Spouse, Need a Kilt.

  1. Spouse need a kilt.

  1. What a great idea! We just started talking about Egypt and Pyramids at our house. I'm going to look at that book after I post this! Thanks!

  1. What a neat idea! We just started talking about Egypt and Pyramids. I'm going to look at the book on amazon after I post this. Thank you for sharing!!

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