I haven't updated this blog since October 2012!! Holy cow has it really been that long?! Needless to say things have been very busy in our dysfunctional world. Since I do have a post in progress (the same post I alluded to back in October) I'll just make this one a picture post to give you some idea of the crazy we have been living since October.

We've tried some new recipes (they had Nutella inside of them!)

We took our first official family of five photos; they were also our last professional family photos in Japan. 
We endured three days of movers in our itty bitty Japanese house. 

We slept on air mattresses. 

We had our last field trip to the Okinawa Aquarium. 

We said goodbye to Japan after four life changing years. (This was taken at 30,000 feet as the sun went down  in Japan and our time their ended). 

We got back to America and discovered that the place put in charge of storing our vehicle had done this to ALL the seats in our car as well as other things to it. The damage can't be put into words and posting all the pictures would completely change the mood of this instead I'll let your imaginations run wild.  

Lastly, we arrived at our new base in VA. This is the sun rising over the Chesapeake, I still had wicked jet lag when I took this. Things have improved jet lag wise. Although, I must admit I miss Japan more than I thought I would. Uprooting your life doesn't get easier, but the adventures you get to take do make the headaches worth it!

If any of you happen to call VA home please feel free to share in the comments what you like to do for fun in the state for lovers.

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