Since we are knee deep in ancient Egyptian history I figured this Friday’s post should feature some fun freebies. Of course I found way to many to actually post in a status message on FB, so instead I will present them here. This will allow me to just post one link on FB, which is much easier, and a heck of a lot quicker. *Click the description to get to the link.*

Takes you through the history of Egyptian life , also walks you through how to play Senet *an Egyptian board game* and allows you to play the game as well.

Free eight page coloring book. Site also features history of Egypt and an index of terms with definitions. As well as recommended videos, games, and books on ancient Egypt.

Interactive game where you seek out clues to figure out which mummy is buried in the tomb.

Tour an ancient Egyptian museum exhibit.

Learn how to write with ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Another Egyptian coloring book.

Ancient Egyptian alphabet and numbers.

Tons of useful links *to many to list everything they cover*.

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  1. Ooo - GREAT links!!! AE is one of my very favorite times and places in history. I'm bookmarking this for later :)

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