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Passenger Costumer Service Rep: “Ma’am how much do you weigh?”

Me: “Excuse Me...”

PCSR:How much do you weigh? We need everyone’s weight plus weight of all the carry on luggage.”

Me: “…Ummm…180?…Maybe?”

I don’t believe in a lot of things scales are one of those things. I’m pretty sure that question should be illegal.

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First leg of our can really sleep anywhere.

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My kids fight. I’m sure all siblings do, I know my brother and I did as well as The Spouse and his brother. Just because they fight *I don’t mean physical knock-down drag out fights, I mean verbal whining fights*, doesn’t mean I want to always referee even when they come to me with the issue. I prefer they figure these things out for themselves or at least argue where I don’t have to hear it. This morning they decided they wanted to have a row –from what I could make out General Disarray was annoying Professor Chaos, so Professor Chaos started pushing General Disarray towards his own toys and away from the area where Professor Chaos was-, when that didn’t work they decided to come find me! I was busy in my room making some list for our trip and upon hearing the “MOM” screams growing closer I laid my head down hoping they would think I was sleeping and run off to work it out.

I had no such luck; instead they remained shouting my name over my fake snores. Realizing I wasn’t getting out of referee duty today I rolled over to them both explaining the situation. Each expecting me to take their side, sometimes I will listen to both sides and make a judgment…today though I decided to be lazy. Yup, I was a lazy referee…I had no need for an instant replay instead I did the following:

Me: “Face each other…drop your toys…move closer to one another”General Disarray: “We can’t get any closer!”Me: “Good now both of you put your arms around your brother” *arms slowly extend and wrap around each other*…”Now stay that way”…

I then went back to what I was doing. They stayed that way for about a minute or so before they started to get upset with me. I asked if I was being annoying for having them stand that way, they said yes, I asked if they liked being annoyed… they said no. Then I gave them a choice, either make-up, work out their differences, and play nicely or remain standing locked together.

They are currently playing…they choose to work it out and all I had to do is give them a common annoyance. Possibly not the most effective form of parenting, but it got the job done this morning.

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I saw this at Indie Education and it's nice, but I disagree on the curriculum part. If need be I can find someone to teach my kids what I don't know and I can ensure that it is taught in a way that my children will actually LEARN it. Which is what is most important to us *aside from all the other wonderful benefits*.

Via: Online College Source

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Even in the middle of packing I am still making time for Friday Flashback, because well…I need some packing music!! Don’t forget to check out the giveaway! And stay tuned for our adventure posts…the first post coming soon…once I finish getting everything into these bags!

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Things have been quieter than usual on this blog because T.B.M. and I are in the middle of planning an adventure. Ok I’m doing all the planning and they are blissfully unaware of everything about to take place other than we are going on an adventure. I’m hoping to blog through most of it, I’m not sure where all it will take us, but I intend to make the most of it and enjoy every hectic second. Life is far too short to not enjoy it.

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Good Luck Everyone!

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Grab your hairbrushes and keep your bedhead because it's time for another Friday Flashback! Enjoy!

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Ah Typhoon Muifa. If you are living in the states you probably haven’t heard about it, but this typhoon is set to invade our little island sometime tomorrow. I figured I should find some music to sing along to while I prep, and then I remembered the perfect song that completely conveys my feelings on the whole situation. Enjoy!

And remember folks every prep kit should have a first aid kit, bottled water, snacks, and condoms!

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