Yesterday I posted a link on my FB page to HLN’s section of Free Unit Studies. Well not only do they have free unit studies but get this, they are also having a sale on their regular unit studies as well! From now until September 30th if you go in and order regular priced Unit Studies then enter 1buck in the coupon code area during checkout each Unit Study is only A BUCK! How awesome is that? These Unit Studies are downloads, so no shipping and handling. If you aren’t sure that you would like their Unit Studies, check out the free ones you have until the 30th to take advantage of the one buck offer.

I love free/discounted resources, they make schooling on a budget possible. Yes ladies and gentlemen I really am that easy to please.

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  1. I don't know how you feel about blog awards so don't feel like you have to respond, but I nominated you for one since I enjoy reading you so much. Here's a link: Thanks for being an amazing writer!

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