*Raises hand frantically like a mad woman* I do I do!! I really, really do. As I’ve shared through the last few post, I LOVE free stuff. Free stuff makes learning at home on a budget possible.

Now I have one more awesome freebie potential to share with you as well as a fantastic savings opportunity. Egghead Academics has produced a fabulous e-book titled Liberty: The Founding of a Country and you can win a free copy! All the fabulous details can be a found over at One Little Change, so head over and get in on the giveaway.

Oh but wait…they didn’t stop at the giveaway, oh no they have something else in store for you. A DISCOUNT! *This homeschooler just fainted with excitement*. How much is this discount worth you may be asking yourself…well it’s worth 25% off when you spend $10 or more! We can all easily spend at least $10 on school supplies, especially with this being the time of year that most folks are stocking up for the fall. So what better time to take advantage of a 25% off discount!

It’s super easy to use this discount too, you just click over to the Egghead Academics website, fill your cart up with fabulous goodies, and then type in coupon code HAPPYFOURTH. Simple right?! So head on over and enjoy the savings *because they will only last until the 5th of July*, and don’t forget to head over to One Little Change for all the details on the Egghead Academics giveaway!


  1. Thanks for helping spread the word! You are going to LOVE their stuff. :-)

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