This has been an amazing week of savings and freebies on the homeschooling front. First I found out about the amazing savings going on at Hooked on Phonics thanks to my friend Melonie over at One Little Change sharing the MoneySavingMom link with me.

I have been longing to purchase the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Kindergarten to 2nd Grade program, but the $199.95 price tag kept me from actually getting it since it didn‘t vibe with our budget. This week though I was able to take advantage of the sale Hooked on Phonics was *still is* having. The highly coveted item was knocked down from $199.95 to $59.95 and then I got to use a coupon to take another 50% off!!

Grand total *including shipping*: $36.92!! That’s right I got the item for a fraction of it’s original price.

The goodies didn’t stop there though! I also scored an awesome DVD and Educators Guide for FREE. As well as FREE classic records for kids from Kiddie Records Weekly. They offer FREE tunes from the Golden Age, so if you are wanting to share your childhood with your grandchildren, or you are doing a lesson on that time period, Kiddie Records has plenty of FREE records for you to use. I would like to send a big thanks to Freely Educate for the information on Kiddie Records.

Have you scored any awesome homeschooling deals and/or freebies? If so leave a comment so we can toast to your awesome saving skills, and if you blog link up over at MoneySavingMom so they can share in on your find as well.


  1. Wow, you did score some good stuff. Our HoP box arrived today. Little Man was all excited about it until I reminded him the BIG box was stuff for him too. ;-)

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