So what is on tap for this week? Here is a quick run through of our plans.

Monday: Two math lessons from Saxon Math 1
Lesson 1 in First Language Lessons For The Well-Trained Mind (Vol.1 Level 1)
Greek and Roman Mythology using books from the library that I will share later and online resources.

I picked First Language Lessons up from the BX a few days ago. Just on a quick glance the lessons seemed easy to implement into our day. We are heading to the end of our first full year of home schooling, so I don’t want to take on anything to heavy, but I still want the boys to continue learning through the summer. First Language Lessons will allow us to spend a few minutes everyday tackling one of their 100 lessons, which will get their feet wet before getting heavy into Language Arts lessons when we start back up in September.

Tuesday: Two math lessons from Saxon Math 1
Lesson 2 in First Language Lessons
Dinosaurs using materials from Enchanted Learning and supplies currently on hand.

Wednesday: Two math lessons from Saxon Math 1
Lesson 3 in First Language Lessons
Modern Day Mythology using internet resources and books currently on hand

Thursday: Two math lessons from Saxon Math 1
Lesson 4 in First Language Lessons
Continue discussion on Dinosaurs, with hands on activity

Friday: Two math lessons from Saxon Math 1
Field Trip To Be Determined

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  1. They had "First Language Lessons" at your BX? I'm so jealous!!! Your BX gets the BEST homeschooling books!

    I was thinking of using it, although Gavin might be ready to move beyond it. So I'm looking at TWTM recommendations as I try to figure out how we will tackle English, grammar, etc. for 2010-2011.

  1. I have a review copy of FLL - I love it! It didn't work out real well with R, but it would have been AWESOME with E. (She is much more of an auditory/lecture learner.) We'll see how it goes with J.... it definitely seems like a good fit for S!!!

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