Upon digging into homeschooling I discovered that there are various ways in which to instruct your child/children. Every family, in fact every child, is different. Even if two families are using the same method it will still vary based on what best fit’s the needs of the family implementing it. That is the beauty of homeschooling, no need for a one size fits all approach, this also invites frustration in locating the method(s) that work best for your family. As we come to a close on our first full year of schooling, I’m still working out what method(s) we will use and what we won’t. So as I work my way through it all I will be posting one post a week for the next eight weeks that will give a brief overview of the featured method, a list of books or other resources that relate to that method, and a list of pros and cons of the method in relation to our family’s needs.

The following methods will be covered *in this order*:

After I’ve gone through each method I will post one last post which will discuss the method(s) that we have decided on and why we choose it/them.

Hopefully it will offer some help to anyone else trying to weed through all the various methods out there. Stay tuned for the Classical Homeschooling post!

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