Our week has been fairly productive. We have covered the first three lessons in First Language Lessons, with me changing up a few of the sentences in the book. It discusses common nouns in the third lesson, it makes the point of mentioning a family is a mother and a father. I took the time to state that families come in different combinations, some kids have two moms, some have two fathers, and so on. Those kids are still brothers and sisters, their family just looks different than ours. Aside from making that one little change the lessons have been quick and easy. The boys both took part in the second lesson on illustrating the poem we read, and they really enjoyed it. It also tied into the Science lessons we did the week before on butterflies.

We got through six lessons of math as well. For now we are covering addition and subtraction, as well as money *identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, and dollars, along with their worth…quarters aren’t included in the lessons but we have covered those on our own*. There is also some time telling to the hour and the half hour. Lastly we have done some measuring with a ruler *more will be done at the end of the week*.

Our mythology reading is coming from THIS book. We will also tackle reading Say Cheese Medusa and Stop That Bull, Theseus both from Myth-O-Mania. These books should offer a fun alternative to learning about myths versus the usual text that is rather boring in the eyes of a small child.

For Science so far we have watched Dinosaurs Alive, as well as read The Big Noisy Book of Dinosaurs and watched the accompanying DVD.

Aside from the general subjects we also enjoyed a nature walk, some time playing soccer at a nearby field, and some park fun. So far things have gone really well and the rest of the week is looking like it will end on a very lovely note.

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