Last night at about 10pm Professor Chaos woke up crying, coughing, and repeatedly stating his chest hurt. So I scooped up T.B.M. and headed to the nearest Emergency Room. Before anyone panics *mainly the family and close friends who read this*, other than having a virus he is just fine! But, I did notice that even in the most unorthodox situations T.B.M. are still open to learning. Our learning started with vitals, which General Disarray watched in amazement *even in the late night, just woke up fog he was in*.

He asked the nurse plenty of questions about the machines she was using, and learned what oxygen saturation is. Then we went on to have x-rays done, which General Disarray is a pro at, so he got to comfort his little brother, and then be the “Radiology Ninja” who guarded the door while Professor Chaos had his “picture” taken. After our time in Radiology we went back to our little section in the ER and intriguing games of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Glasses, Computer, and Knife were had. Yes, they put their own twist on the classic game, and with a little help from the guy in the section next to us we determined that Computer beats Paper, and Rock beats Computer, naturally.

So what does a trip to the ER teach? Other than how to handle life’s random emergencies, it teaches that at any age we can have empathy for those around us, every situation is a chance to grow and learn, and even a complete stranger can teach you something new and exciting. Hopefully though we can avoid any more ER lessons for at least a few more months...*glances over at T.B.M*…hopefully.

Copyright(c)2011 Rayven Holmes


  1. And the results were.......?????
    Rayven, THANK YOU for finding the laughter in a situation that you handled on your own, with those beautiful boys.
    Michael, if you are reading this, I know you are sending your hugs!
    (((MY hugs)))

  1. ER trips are never fun, but it sounds like they made the most of it! I love their version of rock, paper, scissors!

    Hope everyone is feeling better now!

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