“You like me you really like me!” LOL. We won a blog award from Sparklee at karmamatopoeia, thank you Sparklee!! Now here is the low down on the Versatile Blog Award:

1. Answer the questions.

2. Tag some other wonderful blogs. They should be ones I just discovered, but most of the ones I will tag will be ones I have been following for a while. And of course a few new ones too.

Why did you create this blog?

Well we already had *still have* a family blog, but I wanted to take that private so I could post more pictures on it and keep an update log of the things we do as a family. I still wanted to share and discuss homeschooling though, just in its own separate area since it encompasses so much of our life. I wanted to share the things we do, express frustrations, and have a working log of the things that go on in my head in relation to homeschooling.

What kinds of blogs do you follow?

I follow a mixture of homeschooling and Atheist blogs. There are a few random cooking blogs, crafty, creative blogs, and some that are just about science, and teaching it.

Favorite makeup brand?

I don’t do makeup. I have some chapstick, that is the extent of it. In fact that last time I had makeup on was back in 2009 and it was for some photos I had done for The Spouse. I didn’t even do the makeup myself, they had someone on site to do makeup and hair. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t of wore any.

Favorite clothing brand?

Affordable. I’m not into name brand clothing, which is why I have such a hard time shopping at the base exchange. The majority of their clothing options are overpriced name brand clothing. I just want my clothing to fit, give a little bit, and withstand two very active messy boys. Now if it was favorite clothing store…I would have to say Hot Topic. Their clothing is more in line with my taste, but not always kid chasing friendly.

Indispensable makeup product?

Call me a nerd, but I would rather spend my money on books instead of makeup.

Favorite color?

Black. Yes it is a color in this case *when referring to pigment it is, when referring to light it‘s not*.

Favorite perfume?

*Scans medicine cabinet….* Ah here it is: Forever by Mariah Carey. The Spouse got it for me two Christmases ago, it smells nice, but I hardly ever wear it. I’m making it last. ;)

Favorite film?

Oh goodness…I would say Harry Potter, but if we are talking about the books then the books trump the movies…and then there is The Shawshank Redemption, I LOVE that movie!

What country would you like to visit and why?

Do I have to pick just one?! Europe is on the list of places we want to be stationed at. Why? Because Europe is full of history! There would be endless lessons that we could create right out our backdoor if we lived there. Then there would be the backpacking, bicycling, and well the list goes on of things we could do in order to explore and embrace that part of the world.

Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget to put blush on one side of your face?

If I ever take the time to really learn how to put on my own makeup I’ll let you know. But don’t hold your breath cause I’m just not that type of woman. Jeans, t-shirt, hair pulled back, and I’m out the door. That’s just how this homeschooler rolls. ;)

Now the blog tags *in no particular order*:

Art Projects For Kids

Homeschooling Atheist

The Meming Of Life

The Scientific Homeschool

Secular Nature Homeschool

Humanist Holidays

Thank you again Sparklee!

Copyright(c)2011 Rayven Holmes


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