The Spouse is a skeptic and not just when it comes to religion, but also when it comes to my ability to drive, that anything made with peas will taste good, and homeschooling. I’ve slowly been winning him over as far as Child #1 is concerned. He can see the work that we do, he can ask him questions about what we have learned, and he can hear Child #1 read to him, be it a story or a street sign that happens to be in English.

With Child #2 though the doubts are still there. Mostly I think because with preschool age kids there isn’t much you can do that produces anything you can hold and examine *like worksheets or journal entries*. There are arts and crafts which help the learning process, but to a skeptic it’s just a picture. Take for example a painting of circles, to a homeschooling parent it’s more than just a painting of circles, it’s shape recognition, fine motor development, and a craft. To a skeptic it’s just a painting of circles.

So what is one to do? I’ve taken the “I’m just going to do what I do and you will see in the end” road in order to save my sanity. Although I have to admit when little moments like the one I’m going to share happen, I do add points to my homeschooling mom ego.

*Child #2 wanted an apple so I took one out of the fridge for him and while I was slicing it up he ran into the living room and proclaimed the following*:

Child #2: “Apple starts with A, and A says /a/.”

At which point The Spouse who was in the middle of a video game shouts towards the kitchen “Did Child #2 just say *repeats back what Child #2 just said*?” Before I can answer Child #1 pipes in with “Yeah dad because apple does start with A, and A makes the /a/ sound, like in apple…/a/ apple, get it?”

Two points for mommy! Oh yeah! Not like I’m keeping score or anything…

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  1. Yesssssssssss I love those moments!!!! :-) BTW next time you are in the BX, look for Army Times. Their OffDuty section has a cover feature about "the ABCs of Homeschooling: why more military families are choosing it". I haven't read it yet, just spotted it and grabbed it today....but hopefully it's helpful in some way.

  1. Woo hoo! That is awesome - when one of the children makes somebody else (be it a skeptical spouse, grandparent, friend, etc.) just stop in their tracks and realize, yes, they are learning!

  1. 2 thumbs 4 proof is in the pudding.

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