Remember that Halloween post I made about ten hours ago in which I talked about people who harp on the "evils" of Halloween and clearly don’t know the history of the holiday? Well folks here is

Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

This was handed to my husband *who was dressed like Mario* by a child, *and the child knew the character at that!*, yes I said a child! You know it really irks me when fundamentalist get their children to do their dirty work. It’s so lazy, sloppy, and downright sad. Instead of getting to have fun this poor child is jetting out of his front door to hand out pamphlets to grown-ups. Seriously? Can we say parenting FAIL!

If you want to try to convert us do it yourself, at the very least I will be able to tell you to take the stick out of your butt, before skipping off to beg for more candy with my costume clad children. Because I’m really not “evil” enough to direct a child that isn’t mine to the latest work by Hitchens, Dawkins, or Harris, no matter how much I may really want to.

It's not my place, nor is it anyone else's place to stick something other than treats in the hands of my family members on Halloween. I don't go around handing out pages from The God Delusion, I don't want to be handed your dribble about the "evils" of Halloween! It's 2010 learn the history of the holiday it's not that hard! It's right HERE! Click HERE! Educate yourself and your children! Please! Or at the very least leave other people alone and let them enjoy their night!

I do find the timing of this, along with the previous blog post, and a conversation with a friend oh so amusing. If I was looking for a sign that we are on the right path with seeking out knowledge and facts this was it.

On a happy shiny note though we are currently making our way through this:

Yes next week’s lessons will be very energetic I’m sure!

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  1. I still say it'd be more than mildly humorous for your hubby to dress as Jesus.

    Actually now I have a mind picture of all of you from the Nativity....although I don't know what we'd do about two little Jesuses....that might get a little creepy.

    I say march back there and hand them a Book of Mormon and a copy of The Watchtower, and give the little boy a candy bar from your stash.

    That would be AWESOME!!!!

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