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I’ve been scoping out products to use for next year, especially in science. I still haven’t come across a program, set of books, or even a textbook that doesn’t annoy me. Why do they annoy me? Because of the term “Neutral”. I get this allows them to sell more books, they don’t just get the secular market but the members of the Christian market who want an “scientific” science program without having to deal with evolution. But how in the world can a science program be considered “scientific” when it ignores such a major portion of science.

I don’t want “neutral” I want accurate, if it says “Real” science *there are two curriculums that wear this term* then when I go through it I want to see REAL science. Not some sugar coated, mediocre, dribble that makes every respectable scientist turn their nose up in shame. Yes, I realize I’m only teaching elementary age right now, but so? They aren’t ignorant, or incapable of understanding the basics. Especially if the program is well written.

Yes, I know I can just make up something myself. That is basically what I have been doing for the last couple of years, but I’m not 100% pleased with it *for various reasons...mostly due to the lack of a workbook they can go to when needed*. I like the way it flows. I have made some changes, as far as when we will cover what. This year we started with space and will end with human biology. Doing it this way allows them to see how everything is interconnected *working in evolution so they can understand it without getting bored out of their minds*. Next year will focus on chemistry and physics alternating each month between the two. Then the following year we will do our space to human studies *more in depth with each topic*, and so on. Switching it up each year, going more in depth with each passing year.

Planning this gets EXHAUSTING! I like having something to use as a guide at the very least, to help me make sense of it all, to give me ideas for science experiments, subjects/topics I should focus on, or even a worksheet to go with a subject. I would actually prefer a workbook, because it would give them something to look back on and review during breaks. As well as visual documentation of what they have learned.

But when I go to hunt for something even remotely usable I get the dreaded word “Neutral”. *Bleeping* neutral! How can we have cherry picked, hole punched science books? What good are they? Yes, they act as a simple guide, you insert what is needed for your family, while the publisher gets to ride the comfortable, profitable “neutral” line.

What is so wrong with accurate science books though? How is that asking too much from people who claim to actually have science degrees?

Last year I bought a bundle from a publisher that sells books to public schools and even that science book sucks. It was an expensive bundle too. But the topics are useless, we already know the importance of recycling, taking care of the Earth, etc. We may possibly be able to use the very brief life cycle information they mention when we get to that after the holidays, but that is it. My current goal is to try and sale it and hope to at least get enough money from it to blow on another watered down science product. Since it will be for chemistry and physics I stomach the purchase, but what about the year after that?

No curriculum will ever flow the way I want it to, or even meet my standards because nothing is perfect, I know this. Which is why I don’t purchase box curriculums, but I would like some various textbooks/workbooks/guides to help me achieve the goals I have down for the boys. Items that actually tackle the information I need them to, items that aren’t “neutral” or “safe”, but ACCUARTE, FACTUAL, and REAL!

So to all the scientist who may come across this, and aren’t afraid to go there, throw this homeschooler a bone. My children and I *as well as a large (and growing) number of secular homeschoolers* would thank you a million times over.

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  1. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!!!!!!!!
    I have spent THREE YEARS looking for science curriculum for my store, for my kids.
    I, too, am disgusted beyond words. What publisher has the balls to publish good science materials??????????
    It is RIDICULOUS and reflects the bullshit religious right's impact on every damn thing.

    Pardon the yelling.

  1. The lack of up front information in most of the science programs (the uber-Christian ones excepted, because some of them, like Apologia, tell you up front what their deal is) drives me nuts too. Honestly, you can't have it both ways. We did our own program this year. I'm liking it and feeling like I can keep doing this for elementary school... but I know I'm going to be annoyed when I get to middle school.

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