So I scored an AWESOME deal this week on some supplies I had been wanting. As I mentioned HERE, I had been debating on purchasing an item from Hooked on Phonics that would allow us to continue working with Child #1 on his reading/phonics. I’m on the ad/catalog list for Hooked on Phonics, so this past week I got a small summer ad/catalog in the mail mentioning their sale *25% off*, one of the items featured in this sale was the Master Reader Deluxe program, there was also a Pre-K reading program that I thought would be fun to use with Child #2. So after adding the items to my cart I went out on a limb and tried the same code I used the last time I made a HOP order *SLICK50* I figured if it didn’t work it’s ok I’m still getting 25% off, but if it did work, well that would be AWESOME. And guess what…it worked! I don’t know how long HOP will allow this code to work, but I walked away saving 75%!

So if you have been thinking about buying something from HOP *Hooked on Phonics* then head over and see if the code is still working *as of Monday night it was*.

If you have scored any super savings head over to Money Saving Mom, and let the world know where the deals are.

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