Are you looking for a great way to get the kids reading during the summer? Than head to your local library and checkout their summer reading program(s). We are taking part in two summer reading programs this year. One requires the boys to read at least five books a week, after reading our five books we take the booklist to the library, they sign it off, and give both of the boys a free coupon for ice cream! Of course ice cream is a big hit during the summer. There will also be a huge party at the end of the program.

The second program we are taking part gave the boys cards with pictures on them that they must color in after 30minutes of reading, each card equals five hours and they must complete five cards during the program. After they complete each card we take it into the library and receive a prize. At the end of the program there are other prizes to be won as well. Basically these treats and prizes give a great incentive for children to read, especially with the call of the outdoors/TV/video games/ect. constantly screaming their names during the summer. They are really great for us, because of where we live by around 10am it is far too hot to spend time out and about unless you are at a beach or pool. Thanks to these programs I can easily lure the boys to a stack of good books, instead of losing them to the TV and video games that are so flashy and welcoming on a hot summer‘s day.

So if you haven’t checked out the summer reading program(s) at your local library head over and see what they have to offer. You may even discover a homeschooling program as well!

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