Back in January I touched on our 2012-2013 plans and after ordering some of the needed items, viewing some of the materials a friend of mine had, and a long chat with The Spouse the decision was made to change up our plans.  Despite my original stance on using a “box” curriculum or “all-in-one” I had a change of heart, which is of course the beauty of homeschooling, you can change things as you see fit. 

While we have managed to get some work done this year, neither the spouse nor I ,are pleased with the current way things are progressing-there is a lack of structure we both feel is necessary in our homeschooling-and our home in general-.  I had gone back and forth for some time over using Oak Meadow, I did like the way the program looked, but didn’t really want to use an “all-in-one”.  After a long discussion with The Spouse –I’m talking about a conversation that went well into the early morning hours!- where we both expressed concerns, expectations, positives, and negatives of switching as well as our current hodgepodge of materials. 

We went through the Oak Meadow Grade K that I had purchased from a friend and decided that while we like the material it was too easy for Professor Chaos so I purchased the Grade 1 for him and we will be starting that as soon as it arrives.  For General Disarray we decided to skip fourth grade because he already knows a great deal of the material Grade 4 covers and what we haven’t covered Oak Meadow covers as review in the start of the year, so we are going directly to Grade 5. 

We won’t be using it as a complete “all-in-one” because we prefer Saxon Math and find it to be a bit more advanced/challenging than Oak Meadow.  We’ll use the Oak Meadow provided Math for the first three grades and then switch to the Saxon 5/4 math and go forth from there.  We’ll also be supplementing our science and history work as well for more in depth study. 

As for our yearly game plan, General Disarray will start his Oak Meadow work this upcoming week, since the program is broken down into 36 weeks we’ll finish up right before Christmas-no planned breaks- and then take off from our regular schooling until we get settled at our next duty station.  We’ll do some light work to ensure material learned isn’t lost during the 2 - 2 ½ month break.  For Professor Chaos we’ll be using Hooked on Phonics, Explode the Code, and a series of math workbooks until his Oak Meadow work arrives and then we’ll use Hooked on Phonics in combination with Oak Meadow.  

We won’t finish up Professor Chaos’ work before the Christmas break, so we’ll do a light version of it starting after the holidays- at the same time we are starting the light work for General Disarray- that will put Professor Chaos finishing up around the time we are settled at our next duty station.  Once we are all settled in we’ll stop the light work and take a good solid two weeks off to relax, adjust, and prep for the new school year. 

That’s our school plan and I’m looking forward to seeing how the school year unfolds.  There are also going to be changes to our daily schedule as well, but that is for another blog post.  After I’ve got some much needed sleep.  

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