One of the many draws to homeschooling for us is that it will allow T.B.M. to chase their dreams, no matter how big or small. The best way to encourage them to chase their dreams is to of course chase our own. We have many dreams, The Spouse and I, some will take until we are near retirement to reach and others will only take one well-planned family vacation. One of my personal dreams was to start a magazine for non-theist parents. I’ve toyed with the idea for the past couple of years, after I learned that one particular magazine, that has been in my home since before General Disarray was born, refused to review Parenting Beyond Belief.

I was disgusted that they would gladly take our heathen money, but wouldn’t mention a book that has been immensely helpful to our family. This book has been creased, highlighted, and toted everywhere. I love that book more than words could ever express and I figured any magazine that wouldn’t share it with the world didn’t deserve one red cent from me anymore. While I still flip through it when it arrives every month, my subscription hasn’t run out yet, I have found it and many other parenting magazines don’t meet our needs. Yes, the general advice on development is helpful, but I have taken courses on child development and still have the textbooks, so it isn’t that helpful. Most of the articles are written by believers whose view of the world and how to get through its tough spots are not the same as our secular family’s view.

After flipping through yet another article filled with advice that wouldn’t work in a free-thought home, I finally had, had enough. I sat down at my computer and began brainstorming, searching, and came to the conclusion that now was the time to make the idea bouncing around in my head for the past two years a reality. In that moment Bright Parenting Magazine was born. It is still an infant, requiring a lot of TLC, but considering how even The Spouse is on board and interested I think this can take off. I want secular parents to have a publication that actually speaks to us, a publication that addresses our fears, frustrations, and offers sound secular advice.
Ambitious? Yes. But to quote John Lennon “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”. So, if you are interested in dreaming with our dysfunctional family, check out Bright Parenting Magazine (HERE) and (HERE).
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  1. I'm HAPPY, EXCITED, and WRITING for you!

    I agree that your new mag is just what is needed. A bit late for me, but I know it will be, soon, "creased, highlighted, and toted everywhere"!

  1. Please be aware that if you paid for your subscription to said parenting publication, you can cancel your subscription and they have to send you a refund for the future issues you will no longer receive. It may only be a few bucks, but it's the point of the matter - you paid for it, it doesn't suit your needs, you should get your money back. I would send a letter to customer service (you may even be able to cancel via an online account), but specifically CC the editor/publisher (or both, if they are different - which in most mag houses is the status quo) and tell that WHY you are doing this.

    Maybe they'll respond... maybe they'll learn from it... or maybe they won't. But if a product isn't good enough for a variety of consumers (readers), they need to be told. Otherwise they won't have the opportunity to improve. I assume there was some sort of backlash/communication about the matter - but even if there was, one more voice - politely and professionally - sharing a thought tells them even more. :-)

  1. Karen: Thank you, really from the bottom of my heart you have no idea how important you have been these past few years.

    Melonie: Thank you for that information. I wasn't aware I could actually get my money back. I'll look into it. I know part of my sub is from when they bought out a couple of the mags I was subscribed to. I've noticed that alot more of their articles seem to be more "Christian-friendly" vs. neutral. So it is time to bow out gracefully and hope that maybe someone gets the message and cares.

    I'm not holding my breath, but atleast they will know.

  1. I totally agree that most parenting magazines are largely pointless; even some homeschool magazines are not objective, and tend to be filled with religious advice.

    You'd think in an increasingly secular society that the editors would realize the benefits of keeping the publication neutral.

    Your idea for a new magazine is brilliant! If there's any way I can help, please let me know. Also, my blog/website has moved if you'd like to update your link, it is now at:

    Thanks for following your dreams!

  1. This is FANTASTIC!! I am brand new to homeschooling and my son just finished 6th grade in traditional school (we are late bloomers). I won't get into it all now - but we are excited!

    In my intense research of homeschooling in the past 2 months, I have found it more difficult to find secular resources. But, slowly, they are emerging in front of me. I was bummed there wasn't a secular homeschool magazine and I've been bummed since becoming a parent that most parenting books and magazines are too.... flowery. I love my kids but I always feel like people are sugar coating everything. Anyhoo...

    Sorry to ramble, I have a tendency to do that. Congrats on making the leap! I've liked the FB page already and will be reading the site shortly.

    It's so great to find like-minded free-thought families :)

    - Shannon

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