It’s been a week since I posted! Yikes! We’ve had a lot going on, and very little of it is school related. We’ve taken days off to spend with The Spouse, then there is the holiday prep which always seems to send the whole world into a tailspin, as well as birthday prep for Child #1. So needless to say we are rather busy. What I have been debating on the school front is how to tackle the teaching of Thanksgiving. I don’t like the glossed over teaching that you often get, with the fairy tale of everything being just peachy keen. So I went looking for resources. I’ve found two so far.

One being the History Channel’s piece on Thanksgiving, naturally, and the second being Nat Geo for Kids. The Nat Geo site actually does mention some common myths surrounding Thanksgiving as well as how Wampanoag people feel about the day now, and what they do instead.

I’m currently *along with everything else on my overflowing plate* trying to figure out how to make this information into an informative but interesting lesson. Right now I’m leaning towards printing out some clip art, and playing some Truth or Fiction. I’ll have more of what I actually put into action after the insanity of this upcoming week passes.

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  1. If you can get a copy of Colonial House from the library (Foster has it, if I recall correctly) they have an episode where some folks from the local tribe come in with food for the colonists and they all discuss the reenactment along with the history of the interactions between the colonists and the tribes, and today's reality as well. As I recall it's fairly kid friendly, but you may want to preview just to see if it'd be too boring for them. Or for #1 - #2 probably wouldn't be very interested. But my hubby and I really enjoy that one, along with Frontier House (also at Foster).

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