First, let me say welcome to all the newbies.  If this post doesn’t scare you off then we should do lunch sometime… from the safety of our homes.  Not out in the world where the normal people are. 

Now, let’s separate the normal folks from the folks who would dine with me…

Woo.  It intrigues me.  If you don’t know what woo is, it’s basically pseudo-science.  If someone is explaining something to you and your brain actually stops and says “WTF did they just say” you’ve encountered the woo.  Woo can be fun sometimes. We’ve all read our horoscopes before but, it can also be dangerous when people replace sound medical advice with some stuff they found on the internet.  We’re not getting into the dangerous stuff here, though, because I happen to enjoy my heathen existence.  Instead, we’re going into the wacky world of vaginal steaming.  A crazy trend made popular by a rich white woman who clearly needs more to do.  *Psst, Gwyneth, my carpets needs a good steam if you’re free.*

While it can be dangerous and I’m pretty sure repeated use will probably cause some really funky shit to go on down there. I did this once and will not be doing it again, plus I was drinking... so yeah.  Do as I say, not as I do people.  Don’t steam your vaginas!  

Originally, I was going to blog the process, instead I pulled out a bottle of wine and my camera. The following transpired.  If you get a kick out of me doing random woo shit then leave a suggestion for some other crazy stuff.  Wine donations are always welcomed, too.  And without further ado I give you all my first vlog! Steaming Vag! Enjoy!  

*I think it goes without saying that this video is not safe for work or small children.  I wouldn’t fire you or call you a bad parent but, other judgey assholes might.  So use caution, people!*

Copyright(c)2015 Rayven Holmes 


  1. WOOOO hooo!

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