While wasting away time on the Book of Faces I came across the following image:

I eventually shared it and of course that lead to book talk. Books, books, books, everyone has favorites.  The ensuing dialogue got the wheels in my mind turning and I thought how glorious would a list of people's favorite books be?! I'm always looking for book suggestions, but not just for myself. 
So dear blog readers I have a request, in the comment section below please share your top two favorite books of all time -excluding religious holy text- and your top two "every child should read this" books.
I'll take all of the suggestions and compile a list that will be easily accessible on my blog.  It will be updated with each new suggestion.

So hurry and share, there are books in need of devouring!

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  1. Every child should read would actually be series for me - the Little House series and the Narnia series. My top faves would be Alas, Babylon and The Once and Future King. :) What a great idea!

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