There is really no other way to put it.  Our life right now is completely insane, in a good way of course.  Six weeks ago I had our third son, yup third!  Some people collect stamps I, apparently, collect sons.  He has brought with him tons of joy and of course the typical chaos that ensues when your schedule is based around when a little one needs to nurse or be changed.  I've sat down to blog, or at least think through a blog, and have had to quit in order to please the podling who from this moment forth will be referred to as Stormaggedon Dark Lord of All, or Stormaggedon for short.

Aside, from adding Stormaggedon to The Bringers of Mayhem, we are also preparing to move after the New Year, and of course homeschooling through all of it.  I've been mulling over a few directions to take our schooling in hopes of producing better results and a happier learning experience for the boys.  I've also been dreaming of a homeschool room that our next house will allow us to have, as well as ORGANIZING!!  Yes, I’m addicting to organizing. 

There is plenty I need (want) to blog about before this year is out!  So while I lay the foundation for those posts, Stormaggedon commands all you peasants to watch these videos.  If you don't get it, you will after the videos. If you do get it, I award you 10 awesome geek points! 

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