You poor neglected blog. So much potential. I just allow you to sit here, waiting, hoping, longing for words to fill your “Text Here” box. I know. You miss me. I miss you too. I have so much to share with you, the list of awesome places we explored while in the states, the list of awesome things I want us to do before we leave this island, my strategy for homeschooling while moving, and the various things I’ve done on the homeschooling front from changing our morning meeting board to exploring a Letter of the Day curriculum. So much to share with you. And then there is the blog giveaway series, oh sweet neglected blog giveaway series. You two can blame FB, for it is a lover that has proven hard to shake. But I will shake it, for us!

Until then though enjoy this video featuring A Perfect Circle's cover of John Lennon's Imagine:

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  1. LOL...Love it!

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