The other night The Spouse and I were clicking around Youtube when we came across the video below by Jefferson Lab. About twenty minutes into checking out their channel I had marked them on our favorites and we were wondering about all the other cool things we could do with liquid nitrogen. Their videos don’t just focus on liquid nitrogen, although those are hands down probably the coolest ones, they also have videos on thunder & lighting, lunar eclipses, and butterflies! Jefferson Lab puts together short,informative, and most importantly FUN videos that would be a great addition to any science lesson(we’ve added them to our list of favorite science videos on Youtube!).

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  1. Home schooling here will be changing drastically once Christmas passes. My son is progressing amazingly well. We really do enjoy the History Odyssey. I am thinking of slowing down his lessons. Letting him delve into things that interest him a bit more. Right now he is drinking up anything and everything about the Pyramids.

    As for Thanksgiving, we are moving the day after, so I won't be cooking. We will spend about 5 days in limbo! At least my husband will be here to help.. Or so the Navy assures me.

    By the way, will you all be going to the festival in White Beach? If so head on down to his ship.. They are opening it to the public. Your kids would really enjoy seeing all the LCAC's and CRRIC's... And, if you happen to see an oldish man walking around with a white hard hat and coffee cup... tell him HI from his wife lol

  1. Sabrina: We will have to check out the White Beach festival information, it sounds like something they would really enjoy! And I'll make sure to tell him HI for you. :)

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