I saw this at Indie Education and it's nice, but I disagree on the curriculum part. If need be I can find someone to teach my kids what I don't know and I can ensure that it is taught in a way that my children will actually LEARN it. Which is what is most important to us *aside from all the other wonderful benefits*.

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  1. I totally disagree about the curriculum as stated on the chart and agree with you. For one thing, I can customize my curriculum to my kids instead of them being forced to use whatever the school is currently using. For another thing, being "qualified" to teach something, meh. Most motivated people can tutor most subjects up to a reasonable level of competency. If something is truly outside your knowledge base or ability to learn, then that is what community resources and tutors are for.

  1. Yeah, I, too, disagree with the curriculum reports as stated on the graphic.
    Of course, I actually AM a what would I know?

  1. LOVE this infographic :) I am actually researching homeschooling, but I have a feeling, my husband too, will be somewhat skeptical...wondering if you had any "tips" for approaching this topic w/ the husband hehe

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