I know every homeschooler has posted or seen a post about how homeschoolers generally aren’t homebodies. Instead we are out and about exploring and embracing the world whenever and however we want. In our case this is true, we do spend a great deal of time out about in spurts, and then we have times where I snuggle the pillow and smile because I don’t have to be out of the bed before T.B.M. I’m coming to the conclusion that if people want to assume that homeschoolers never leave their homes then I will be completely fine with that assumption. Let them crack their jokes and make their uninformed snide remarks, why? Because I love my home, partly because those people aren’t there!

This weekend we spent nearly twenty hours out and about. It was a busy weekend; there were a couple hours of park time, lunch with friends, some first-hand life experiences, cultural experiences, and plenty of exhaustion. It was an insane weekend, followed by our usual manic Monday. I know we lead a busy life no matter how ideal it would to never leave our home, and I’m ok with people thinking otherwise. I love being at home and if people assume that is where we always are then more power to them. Our home has all of our stuff; it has warm beds to sleep in, good food to eat, and plenty of ways to keep us entertained. I miss being in our home when we have a particularly hectic day, it is our domain, and I take comfort in knowing that on any given day I can wipe the calendar clean and just be in our home.

Plenty of people would love the opportunity to just be in their homes, I have that opportunity. If I happen to be screwing up my kids because I feel it’s good to be home and just be, then so be it. They will be able to embrace the beauty of blanket forts and afternoon naps on the couch, simple pleasures we adults seem to forget. And I feel that is far more important than being pushed through the hustle and bustle day in and day out.

Have you taken the time to embrace how good it is to just be home with your kids today?

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more!

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