Every homeschooler knows how hectic life can get. Some weeks are far more hectic than others. For us this week The Spouse is on 12 hour shifts, there are karate lessons, a lesson/enrichment planning powwow with a fellow homeschooler, daily errands, and I have a very annoying sunburn that is screwing with my ability to think clearly.

So this week I pulled out my laptop, cookbooks, and my memory to piece together our week of meals. So with everything going on I will at least not have to spend 30 minutes staring into the refrigerator hoping that dinner will generate itself without any help from me.

So here we go:

Monday: Shepherd’s Pie *it was yummy!…unfortunate my picky “it has vegetables” eaters didn’t agree*
Tuesday: Grilled Pork Chops with Pasta Salad
Wednesday: American Chop Suey Casserole
Thursday: Chicken in Mushroom Gravy
Friday: Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables
Saturday: Fish and Chips *yes I mean fried fish and French fries it just sounds cooler to call it fish and chips*

So what yummy foods do you have planned to help make your week flow a little smoother? Want to share them with other menu planners *or get some ideas for your own menu*? Well head over to the Menu Planning Monday post on I’m an Organizing Junkie to share and discover.

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